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Our Services

CLW Consulting is proud to offer a variety of services that support small or large procurement goals. Our professional and detailed services, ensure that defined goals are manageable, measurable, and met. Below is an overview of the services provided by CLW Consulting. Contact us today for a brief consultation to secure CLW Consulting.

CLW Consulting provides business consulting services to support your organizations procurement needs. Whether your organization is looking for RFP or bid audits, recommendations, development, drafting, evaluation, strategic forecasting, and more, CLW Consulting can assist.

For the organization that needs gap support in acquiring goods and services from the marketplace, CLW Consulting can provide solicitation development, evaluation and award recommendations, acquisition program audits, and more.

Once a contract is executed, the real work begins, administering and managing the contract. CLW Consulting can offer services to support the contract management needs of your organization.

An organization's policy and procedures is critical to supporting the overall mission and vision. CLW Consulting can assist your organization in evaluating the current operational environment, make recommendations, and develop or re-develop  procurement programs and operations.

CLW Consulting specializes in supporting organizations procurement diversity, equity, and inclusion needs. Whether it is applying for minority, women, veteran, disabled, and small business-owned certifications or needing an assessment or development and execution of potential procurement DEI initiatives, CLW Consulting can help you find the right solution.

CLW Consulting is strong in the area of support and training within organization's procurement programs. CLW Consulting can help develop procurement training programs, provide presentations on specific areas of procurement, and/or provide training or professional speaking specific to your organization's needs.

What Our Clients Say

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Allison P., Bid/Proposal Assistance

"CLW Consulting's audit of my company's RFP template, previous responses and recommendations provided great insight to help us fine-tune the focus of how we present future RFPs for contract opportunities. I would recommend CLW Consulting to others."
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